Fax referrals to 905-844-9444

  • Fax referrals to 905-844-9444 using this form -> Click Here to Download Referral Form
  • Referrals are triaged as a group and may be assigned to/seen by a different physician than the specific doctor that the referral is addressed to (if any is specifically listed)
  • If you would like the patient to be seen by one physician specifically, please state that on the referral and reason why
  • Referrals will be triaged according to the physicians’ discretion
  • The Pediatric Neurology Clinic contacts the family directly to book the appointment on a date and time suitable for all parties involved
  • Please ensure relevant tests are attached with the referral as necessary:
    • Latest blood work
    • Imaging
    • EEGs
    • Other relevant reports
  • We do NOT accept the following referrals
    • Patients >18y or almost 18y
    • Referrals primarily for behavioural & psychiatric concerns (ASD, ADHD, etc)
    • Referrals for concussion or any other neurological signs/symptoms caused by MVA
  • Please be advised/inform your patient that if they fail to show up to their first appointment will result in a $100 fee that is not covered by OHIP