How to Prepare for your Follow-Up Appointment

  • Please bring
    • The patient’s valid Health Card
  • Please inform us of:
    • Any updates to your contact information (address, phone number(s), etc)
    • Any changes to physicians/specialists/services involved in the care of the patient
    • Any changes to medications that the patient is taking
  • Please be prepared to answer
    • Updates on your child’s condition
      • Seizure log (if applicable)
      • Headache diary (if applicable)

Important Reminders

  • The location of your appointment
    • The majority of appointments are held at the Pediatric Neurology Clinic on Argus Road (see ‘Contact Us’ for address)
    • Occasionally, follow up appointments can be arranged to take place via Teleconference (via Ontario Teleconference Network)
    • *Ultimately, whether or not an appointment can be conducted via teleconference is left up to the Doctor’s discretion, and may not always be possible based on the nature of the visit
  • The doctors generally run on time and sometimes early! Please do not be late for your appointment, as it can affect other appointments later in the day
  • *Please be advised that failure to show up to your appointment (no-show), or canceling/re-scheduling your appointment without giving us 48h (2 business days) notice results in a $50 fee that is not covered by OHIP
  • If you have a question, comment or update for your Doctor in between appointments, email is often the best way to contact them (see ‘Contact Us’ for details)